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  • The single-rotor shredders are particulary suitable for the pre-grinding of a wide range of materials.
  • The installation of the shredder Previero serie PR allows to automatize the grinding lines or the pre-treat-ment of the recycling plants.
  • By feeding the grinder with pre-cut material the production is increased and the energetic consumptions are reduced.


Molded Articles



Copper & aluminium electric cables

Bituminos sheats

Unvulcanized compounds

Bales of plastic film

Paper and cardboard packagings

Operating principles:

  • The material loaded in bales or by means of spider is progressively chopped by the rotor.
  • During the rotation the rotor cuts a quantity of material proportional to the section of the rotating blade.
  • The shape and the number of blades are chosen according to the applications to optimize the cutting efficiency.
  • This peculiar operation of the single-rotor shredder enables the machine to self adjust the feeding avoiding any risk of obstruction.


  • Double direction of rotation to avoid bridges of material in the hopper
  • Operation with different cycles according to the materials, start-up with full hopper, reversal in case of overload
  • The particular shape of the blades and the special anti-wear labyrinths prevent the winding of materials on the rotor side such as fibers or films
  • Easy opening of the machine for cleaning or replacement of the blades
  • Quick and easy replacement of the fix and rotating blades
  • Low speed of rotation with reduced wear or consuption of the blades
  • Optimization in the design of the blades, with reduced cost of manufacture and sharpening.

Overall dimensions:

  • Possibility of cut in the two directions of rotation.
  • Grate installation for fine shreddering.
  • Vertical hydraulic pusher for bulky products.
Model A B C D E Kw Rotor
PR 612 1870 1780 1865 2225 1740 55/75 550 x 1200
PR 812 2400 1600 2200 2610 2460 75/132 750 x 1200
PR 816 2765 2025 2305 2990 2300 132/315 750 x 1500


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