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Natural/synthetic rubber grinding plant for the production of adhesive masses


  • The natural and synthetic rubber bales are prepared on the storage belt.
  • The size of the ground material can vary according to the requirements and may require either single or double granulatung.
  • A storage system of various capacities can be installed, equipped with an in line weighing system for the rapid loading of the dissolving units.
  • The working of the plant is completely automated by means of a PLC.
  • Dosing units for antibinding materials in powder or liquid form are available.
  • All the main producers of adhesive tape now use this system as it drastically reduces the solution time without interfering in any way with the final quality of the product.
  • Available with various alternative types of installation and productive capacity.


  • Automatic loading of the dissolving unit without an operator
  • Reduction of dissolving time
  • Reduction of dissolving unit loading time

  1. Pneumatic Lift
  2. Feeding Band
  3. Granulator for first grinding
  4. Granulator for second grinding
  1. Storage group
  2. Weighing and transporting group
  3. Dissolving Units


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