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Grinding and homogenizing plant for natural and synthetic rubber for feeding of internal mixers


  • The plant is able to directly grind standard bales of rubber of 25-35 kg and bales of natural rubber of 110 kg.
  • During the grinding, anti binding material, either in powder or liquid form, can be automatically added.
  • The ground product is then conveyed to rotating mixers which are able to homogenize and store the rubber granulate.
  • The ground rubber can be automatically weighed with high precision allowing to automate the input to the internal mixer.
  • In modern rubber transformation processes, a fundamental condition necessary to obtain a high quality product is the uniformity of the chemical and physical characteristics of polymers used.
  • In rubber, especially natural rubber, there is a wide range of variations that could compromise a good final result.
  • This type of plant standardises materials from different sources, allowing to obtain a very constant average value.


  • Automatic loading of the rubber into the internal mixer.
  • High weighing precision
  • Optimisation of the mixing cycle by improving the filling of the mixing chambers and by reducing energy consumption


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