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Rubber band:

Grinding plant with cube-dicer and homogenizing plant for natural and synthetic rubber compounds


  • The bands of rubber compound coming from the cooler or from pallets are introduced into a cube-dicer to be granulated up to the desired dimension.
  • If necessary, antibinding powders are added.These are later recovered by the screen and the suction and filtering system.
  • The product is then conveyed to rotating mixers which are able to homogenize it perfectly.
  • After the stocking, systems for weighing and packing can be installed.
  • In line feeding systems to the extruders are available.
  • The main producers of technical rubber articles use this type of plant as it offers quality and reliability in the granulation and homogenizing processes.
  • Capacities are adapted to the specific needs of the project as is the composition of the plant itself.


  • Simplicity of installation both in line with the cooling and with feeding from pallets
  • Blanding of the ground material to render more uniform the compound chemical and physical properties
  • Temperature control in the grinding process
  • Automatic feeding to the extrusion lines


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