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Grinding and pulverizing plant for synthetic and thermoplastic rubber


  • The standard bales of synthetic and thermoplastic rubber are placed on a feeding belt to be transported to an automatically fed granulator.
  • If necessary, antibinding materials in powder or liquid form are added.
  • The granulated rubber is dosed in a continuous and controlled way to the pulverizer which reduces the granules to the required dimension.
  • By means of a screening unit it is possible to recirculate the upper fraction.
  • Thanks to the remarkable development of new products containing elastomeric or thermoplastic polymers, the use of pulverized rubber is continually increasing.
  • These types of completely automatic plants are able to satisfy the most strict quality standards and to limit the costs of pulverisation.
  • Plants with nitrogen closed circuit and cryogenic pulverisation plants are available.


  • Advantages
  • Contained energy consumption
  • Minimum heating of the product

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