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Grinding plant for natural and synthetic rubber for continuous mixing lines


  • The technology for continuous mixing is growing rapidly both for the production of rubber compunds and for polymeric alloys.
  • Plants are available for various solutions and capacity.
  • Particular care has been dedicated to the complete automation of the system and to the speed and ease in the change of materials.
  • The rubber bales loaded onto the storage belt are automatically reduced to small granules. If necessary, antibinding material in powder or liquid form is added.
  • The granulator can vary the production capacity according to the requirements of the continuous mixing line.
  • The granulated rubber is sent to a perfectly self-sleaning buffer storage which is able to load the gravimetric dosing unit continuously or in batches.


  • Complete automation of the granulated rubber feeding
  • Ability to grind to small dimensions with high efficiency
  • Self-cleaning buffer storage for loading the gravimetric dosing unit.
  • Ability to process sticky and soft rubbers


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