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PREVIERO offers a complete range of machineries to grind plastic materials, natural and synthetic rubber, recycling plants for matierials, such as copper cables, tires and post consumer packaging.

Production is spilt between two plants in Alzate Brianza and Anzano del Parco.

Each stage of the production cycle is checked by our experts, and thus PREVIERO is able to offer high technology products with competitive quality and price.

  • 3D computer aided design
  • Computer aided machinery
  • Assembly according to specific procedures
  • Quality control according to ISO 9001 standards.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any requirement. Our technicians will be able to give you suitable solutions.


SOREMA offers a complete range of plants and machinery to recycle post consume plastics material and waste from industries, agricultural or municipal collection.

SOREMA modular lines may be combined in different ways, in order to guarantee the most efficient solution.

This allows the recycling of plastics deriving from different disposalmodes featuring various types of contaminating agents, packaging characteristics or polymers.

We can offer a wide product range, including plants for films and bottles, automatic separation systems, prewashing and extrusion lines for films and bottles, treatment plants for the recycling of mixed packaging such as HDPE – PS – PP – PVC – AL, plants for PET bottles ,stretch films and farming films recycling.

We provide the best concept for your recycling project according to the input material and application of recycled plastics.

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