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15 – 17 September 2021

Shanghai – China

Hall 2 | Booth nr. 2B469C



PREVIERO N. is a guarantee of reliability and quality in rubber industry.

PREVIERO N. SRL (Hall 2 – Booth N° 2B469) will attend the 21st edition of Rubber Tech China in Shanghai to show the visitors its machines and technologies in the field of rubber industry.

Among Previero’s many activities, we would like to specifically introduce our grinding and homogenizing lines for natural and synthetic rubber to feed internal mixers, extruders or solvent units. Our technologies are widely used in tyres industry, rubber polymerization factory, in production of rubber compounds, polymeric alloys (TPV – TPU) and adhesive masses.

Previero has more of 60 years of experience and his brand is a guarantee of reliability and quality in rubber industry and technology. We daily work side by side with our customers in the field of rubber grinding, in order to develop our machines according to their needs, aiming at always reaching the mandatory high standard worldwide requested by the chemistry and tyres production industries.

Our grinders are able to keep to minimum the temperature increase between the inlet and the outlet of ground material, at the same time optimizing the energy consumption.  They are also excellent in processing sticky and soft rubber with a minimum demand in anti-sticking liquid and powder.

In order to offer complete production lines, our range of product includes the following machines:

Grinders with output from 150kg/h up to 20.000 kg/h,

Dynamic storage and blender units with capacity from 100kg/h up to 10.000 kg/h.

Rubber bales guillotines, with fully adjustable set up of cutting length and weight control.

Cube Dicers


Liquid and powder anti-sticking dosing units

Rubber material handling and transport systems 

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